Pernia is a Ghanaian based luxury women’s fashion brand owned by Anna Cole Ojukwu,a Ghanaian married to a Nigerian.. We aim at fulfilling the modern woman’s fantasies in fashion. This brand is into women apparel and accessories, we are a manufacturer of pieces ranging from beautiful bespoke gowns, practical yet statement pieces to innovative bespoke accessories all inspired by the African culture .
Pernia has been behind the scenes since 2013. My love for fashion began at an early age where it was originally inspired by my mother, Mrs. Mary Coleman, a seamstress who created rich and vibrant garments. With the strong passion I had, I went on to study visual arts in the senior secondary level before switching to study accounting. I moved to the United Kingdom and stayed there for seven (7) years but due to my dire need to become a fashion icon in the near future, I returned home to learn and follow the Ghanaian fashion trends. With the encouragement of my mother, two sisters and my husband, I entered the fashion intustry with the label Pernia, and have been working behind the scenes from 2012.
I have always desired to be a versatile and innovative designer. In 2015 my debut beads accessories collection, entitled “Grandeur” which was handmade, taking into consideration ladies like myself who love UNIQUE BOLD STATEMENT bead jewelries with MAJESTIC styles and IMPRESSIVE in appearances, was launched online. In September 2015, my “Grandeur beads collection”, was featured in Nigeria’s Thisday Saturday newspaper and also a number of other interviews . As a sign of dedication and enthusiasm, I personally design and create each single piece of jewelry and cloth with the hope that any woman or child who wears them feels unique.
Hope to become one of the outstanding fashion designers in the world, with my label Pernia being a known and accepted brand both locally and internationally and to promote the African culture through my works.